Quailhurst at “The Premier” Show at Rancho Murieta

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Joanne, Marvin, and Deborah prepare to pour wine at the Welcome Party.

The Quailhurst team has returned home from sunny California with a renewed set of goals after competing at Golden State Dressage’s “The Premier” show at the Rancho Murieta Equine Complex.

We traveled to Northern California with three horses – Ferrogamo, Alexiss, and Tjinja – as well as cases of our delicious Quailhurst wine. As sponsors of the show’s Thursday afternoon “Welcome Party,” Quailhurst Vineyard Estate served up assorted cheeses, fruit, and veggies along with our Pinot’s and Rose. At the same time, EquiSano was awarding their products to the winners of “The Jog.”

Thursday was also the first day of showing for the horses and… stay tuned for our next post about “The Premier” and the important things we gained from attending.

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