Quailhurst Welcomes New Foal “Ferrona”

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Verona with her first foal, Ferrona

Bred by Quailhurst (Olympic Ferro x Verona)

On Sunday, May 2nd,  our Dutch Elite mare “Verona” gifted us with her first foal. And… it’s a Girl!

“Ferrona” is black, has a perfectly placed star on her forehead, and two small white socks on her hind legs. She has long legs and a thick tail and her head is shaped exactly like her mother’s. Actually she looks identical to her mother only black and longer legged!

It was not an easy birth, as it took two of us to pull her out from her mother due to her oversized shoulders- which will later come in very handy for dressage! To physically see this filly is much like seeing a celebrity in person and pictures don’t do her justice. She is captivating and has what we call show presence. You can’t teach that. It is just comes with good breeding. Her coat looks like velvet and her face so sculpted it doesn’t look real.

Our new baby’s barn name will be “Nyx” after the greek goddess of night and figure of exceptional power and beauty. Verona is the mare Deborah competed in Europe for two summers and holds many awards after her name. Quailhurst Vineyard named their 2005 Pinot Noir “Verona Reserve” and coincidentally this is Deborah’s favorite vintage.

Verona’s sire is “Jazz.” Ferrona’s sire is “Ferro.” Both stallions share the honorable title of Horse of the Year in The Netherlands. Welcome, Ferrona!


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