Conrad Schumacher Clinic October 28-30

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Come join us for two and a half days of pure education – if you have yet to experience Conrad’s teaching, it is a real treat! His ability to utilize his timing on which exercise will benefit each horse and rider is based upon his years of training top riders.

The clinic fees will include lunch and daily snacks and beverages. Additionally, all riders and auditors will be treated to a wine and cheese gathering, featuring select Quailhurst Vineyard Estate vintages, following the rides on Tuesday, 10/28. This will be an opportunity to personally meet Conrad and ask him any questions.

Auditor fees are $25.00 for Tuesday or Wednesday or $45.00 for the two days. Thursday is a half-day and the fee for auditing will be $10.00 with 100% of the proceeds going to help fight breast cancer. Reservations are highly suggested. Please contact Deborah directly, emailing




TUESDAY October 28, 2014

8:00-Sarah Gammie

8:40-Bernadine Diers

9:20-Sharon Barton

10:00 BREAK

10:15-Deborah Hausman

10:50-Janice Etzold

11:30-Heather Oleson*


12:50-Patti Brewer

1:30-Heather Oleson*

2:10-Marina Paris-Woodhead


3:10- Brandy Jones*

3:50-Lindsey Whitcher

4:30-Wine and Cheese in Main Barn Please join us!


WEDNESDAY October 29 2014

8:00-Sarah Gammie

8:40- Darrel Purdy*

9:20-Bernadine Diers for Cheryl Rudolph

10:00- BREAK

10:15-Deborah Hausman

10:50- Janice Etzold

11:30-Heather Oleson*

12:10- LUNCH

12:50-Marina Paris-Woodhead

1:30-Heather Oleson*

2:10-Patti Brewer

2:25 BREAK

3:10-Brandy Jones

3:50- Lindsey Whitcher

4:30 END


THURSDAY October 30, 2014

8:00-Heather Oleson*

8:40-Darrel Purdy

9:20-Deborah Hausman

10:00-Heather Oleson*

10:40- Sharon Barton

11:20- Bernadine Diers

12:00- END


* signifies stall

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