Around the Farm

Around the Farm

From Arena to Alpingarten: The Annual Oktoberfest Harvest Party at Quailhurst

What do you get when a vineyard and horse farm are owned by a beer lover? An Oktoberfest harvest party in a dressage arena transformed into a Bavarian beer hall, of course!

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Around the Farm

Conrad Schumacher Visits Quailhurst

During his U.S. teaching tour, world renowned Dressage Trainer Conrad Schumacher made a stop to Quailhurst Stable. Considered one of the few “Masters” of the sport, it was more than an honor to have him work privately with our horses.

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Around the Farm

A Portrait of Ferrogamo

Last week Quailhurst received a special delivery when artist Eve Holloran visited the farm to deliver her completed portrait of Deborah’s beloved partner “Ferrogamo” (aka Zorro). All who had the opportunity to know this exceptional horse remember his exquisite head and eye and unmatched, larger-than-life persona – both of which come to life on this canvas so much so that you almost expect him to nicker hello.

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Around the Farm

Our Equine Dentist: Tony Basile

Every winter, all of the Quailhurst horses receive a visit from equine dentist Tony Basile, a vital member of the team that supports the care of the Quailhurst horses.

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Around the Farm

Brothers Reunited: Bacchus & Fitch

One of the special things about the breeding program at Quailhurst is that the owners who purchase our young horses maintain strong connections to the farm. Many make visits to the farm for lessons, training, and even a bit of R&R from time to time. Last week, four year old Bacchus (Caletino x Tiaraella) spent […]

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Around the Farm

Ferrogamo Recovering from Surgery at Willamette Valley Equine

Last Thursday morning after eating breakfast, our well-known black horse Ferrogamo began to show signs of great discomfort, noted first by Quailhurst stable groom Jose. Shortly following the episodes of pain, he was transported to Willamette Valley Equine Hospital just 16 minutes from our farm. After multiple tests, it was decided that there was no […]

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Passeio Breech by Irideon

In response to a frequently asked question: What brand of breeches do you wear? by Deborah Hausman “During a photo shoot for Irideon Riding Wear, I was asked to wear a pair of their newly developed breeches, ‘The Passeio.’ When I first saw them on the hanger, I thought ‘There is no way these are […]

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Around the Farm

The Beginning of Horses

by Deborah Hausman After recently hearing from my dear neighbor that she and many others were under the impression that I began riding as an adult, I made time during the holidays to sit with my mother and go through family photos of my childhood on horseback. Together we found a small selection of shots […]

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Around the Farm

Christmas with Horses

by Deborah Hausman It’s Christmas Day Eve 2009 and I just finished riding my last horse of the short work day. It was a day much unlike the last – the sun was bright, no wind, seasonal but tolerable temperatures.  I was able to work each horse in the outdoor arena, followed by a hack […]

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Around the Farm

Irideon Shoots Spring 2010 Catalog at Quailhurst

  Irideon Riding Wear has given us permission to offer this sneak peak at a few images shot for their Spring/Summer 2010 catalog. Once again, the Irideon team held a day-long photo shoot at Quailhurst and we can honestly say that we love having them at the farm. The shoot was highly organized but never […]

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Around the Farm

Marvin Trail Riding Through the Vineyards

On a beautiful August day, our friend and Sherwood neighbor Sallie Cutler brought a couple of her horses over to Quailhurst to take Marvin on a trail ride around the vineyards. Her sweet, truly bomb-proof horses provided him with an opportunity to see the property from an entirely different perspective – horseback! There was a […]

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Around the Farm

Irideon Fall 2009 Photo Shoot at Quailhurst

Irideon Riding Wear visited Quailhurst in March 2009 to shoot its fall/winter 2009 catalog. The weather graciously cooperated, providing clear skies to complement the scenic background of the surrounding vineyards and pastures. Quailhurst horses Tjinja, Ferrogramo, and Shakira all lent themselves to the camera for the shoot and a great shot of Tjinja and Deborah […]

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Around the Farm

Quailhurst “Weathers” The Big Freeze 2008

At the end of December, Northwest Oregon was hit especially hard with a major snowstorm and ensuing freeze, just as we all were preparing for the holidays. Snow is not an unusual event here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, but what was less expected was both the amount of snow and how long it stayed on […]

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