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Most important event in your equestrian life in 2006?

First being an owner of the stallion Nassau and in Holland to accept his Horse of the Year award. Standing in the arena with the sound of thousands of people on their feet applauding your horse is quite special.  Second, competing in the PAVO Cup. It was the first time as an equestrian that I was able to compete Internationally. I am completely addicted to the YH programs and the Pavo Cup is one of the best in the world. It is not a sterile environment as most events in the US.

Most important happening, evolution or trend in the world in 2006?

The dramatic changes and discoveries in alternative medicine and nutrition is producing so much hope for our horses.

Best and worst tv and radio show?

If I have time for TV I watch the Food channel or anything that makes me laugh. My second passion to horses is cooking. The worst is the daily news. The world frightens me right now.

Best book, play, concert, movie and CD?

I collect cookbooks so when a famous restaurateur in Holland gave me a very limited chefs book I found myself fascinated by the history of cooking in Holland. Also, Madonna’s “Confessions” concert in London. She is a vocal athlete.

What would you like to see changed in the dressage world in 2007?

I am pretty happy how our industry is progressing. I see people really trying. The Global Dressage Forum was monumental for me and debate and discussion is how we create and resolve. As far as changes, well I wish that the shows in America were not so sterile. We tend to close off distractions and turn down the sound which makes it so much easier for our horses to focus on that one thing. I believe we need to trust our horses more. Just let the natural noises and obstacles occur.

What do you wish for in 2007?

For everyone to enjoy and embrace their religions without criticism and hatred towards others that may disagree.

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