"Basilio" and Rachel Van Allen

Mr. Superstar was the subject of the email we received from new owner Rachel Van Allen about our 2005 gelding Caby’s (Caletino x Tjinja) first show.

Caby was sold to the Van Allen’s and began hunter/jumper training with Darci Bayney of Zona Farms in January of 2011. Rachel has sent us many email updates regarding Caby’s progress and their many “firsts” together. The Mother’s Day Classic in Eugene, Oregon was Caby’s first-ever horse show and their first show together as a pair.

Since day one, Caby was the type of horse that took to new things very easily, so we were not surprised when Rachel told us how well he did at his first show.

“Caby was a superstar at the horse show!! Darci rode him on Tuesday and he didn’t spook once. She walked him up to a jump to let him see it and he was ready to jump it from a standstill! She ended up cantering a whole course with only a few missed lead changes. She then walked him outside and he was totally fine. He acted like a Pro! Darci showed him in the 3′ Pre-Green Hunters and she would text us after she got off him and say either “He was awesome!” or “He was great!” or “We got a lead change!”

I then rode him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday we showed in the 3′ equitation division. He was perfect! We got 2nd, 3rd and 4th in those classes. On Saturday and Sunday, we showed in the 2’9″ and 3′ hunter divisions. He was great and jumped better and better each round.  I am so excited about how well the show went and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Rachel and Caby, who now shows as “Basilio,” make a perfect match and he was born loving to jump as much as his sire, so we can’t wait to see them out at the shows again, too.

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