Two Days with Anne Gribbons at Quailhurst

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It was a midweek clinic with expectations of a handful of auditors. Sixty chairs filled, to our surprise. Anne is that good!

Once again auditors scribbled notes and tapped on iPhone and iPads not to forget the newly acquired information.

Anne emphasized exercises in lateral work to supple and relax the horses. It was all about correct confirmed basics before any attempts at collection and upper level movements.

“It must be. The rider needs to understand why basics are so important and value to our horses body and mind.”

“Corners are the time in the test you can set up for success.”

“With some horses, you have to surprise them enough that they listen and, for other types of horses, let them know exactly what is going to happen.”

As one horse/rider combination after another worked through the warming up exercises, Anne would select the right moment to pursue more. Her eye and her timing was impeccable.  The most impressive part was her audience participation and willingness to answer any questions. She answered everything and often coming back to those questions during a ride showing the example.

Anne will return to Quailhurst so keep your eye on our website for future dates. Thank you to those riders and auditors who participates. You were a joy to have at our home.

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