Tjinja and Deborah Ride to Win the Equestrians’ Institute Mary Dodd High Score Trophy at the Champagne Classic

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TJ enjoys a well deserved treat from her trophy

Riding the 3/3 open class at Donida Farm in Washington, Deborah and Tjinja (TJ) rode a mistake free test to win the Equestrians’ Institute Mary Dodd Perpetual Trophy.

“It felt so good to have her so willing and mentally with me. Last time we rode in that arena, we were navigating through puddles during a down pour and I wasn’t sure how much she would remember from that. We lost most of our points in her walk and that carried over to our collective score, so you can bet we will be working on that at home”.

Deborah credits Dressage Judge Janet Foy for their success in the ring after riding TJ with her in a two day clinic prior to the show. “Janet cleared up many questions I had and helped us prepare not just for the show but for our future. She was a fantastic teacher.”

The clinic and show are just what the pair needed to boost their confidence. TJ had suffered a neck injury in 2005 and we were unsure of her future. We have been very patient and hopefully proven that with the proper work and listening to your horse you can achieve.

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