Our Equine Dentist: Tony Basile

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Tony Basile equine dentist

Roderik receives his dental care from Tony Basile

Every winter, all of the Quailhurst horses receive a visit from equine dentist Tony Basile, EQDT, who travels from his home base in Northern California to perform their routine dental examinations and maintenance.

Basile, a practitioner of over 30 years, is a pioneer in equine dentistry and is renowned for developing innovative approaches to addressing and treating equine dental disorders. His fascinating research has shaped the modern field of equine dental care.

Because our horses are on a consistent schedule of care, they rarely need anything beyond a routine dental float (the equestrian term for filing a horse’s teeth into the appropriate alignment) and bit seats (an adjustment to the premolars that provides comfort when wearing a bit). At each visit, Tony also provides an evaluation of each horse’s palate shape which further informs the bit selection aspect of the training process.

Quailhurst has worked with Basile for over 10 years, and we are fortunate to have him as both our friend and part of the vital team that supports the care of the Quailhurst horses.

Tony Basile equine dentist

Electronic dental records are maintained for each horse

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