Passeio Breech by Irideon

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The Passeio breech as modeled by Molly Knott and Abercrombie (Fitch) in the Dover catalog.

In response to a frequently asked question: What brand of breeches do you wear?

by Deborah Hausman

“During a photo shoot for Irideon Riding Wear, I was asked to wear a pair of their newly developed breeches, ‘The Passeio.’ When I first saw them on the hanger, I thought ‘There is no way these are going to fit MY body.’ But when I actually slipped them on, I felt absolute comfort!

Of course, there were two more tests to come: first, a glance in the mirror and second, how will they feel and perform in the saddle? Again to my surprise, I took one look and loved the lower-waisted style and, even better, the side zip. My legs felt free and not restricted like my expensive German imports.

When it came time to sit in the saddle, I really expected to feel the seams, as I had tried similar styles in other brands. But the Passeios passed the final test with flying colors! I nearly felt guilty because I was so comfortable and it was such an easy fix to feeling better in the saddle. Who would have thought?!

Of course, Irideon was kind enough to give me clothing from the shoots but I recently purchased my share of my new favorites ‘The Passeio.'”

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