Irideon Fall 2009 Photo Shoot at Quailhurst

in Around the Farm

Deborah Hausman and Tjinja.

Irideon Riding Wear visited Quailhurst in March 2009 to shoot its fall/winter 2009 catalog. The weather graciously cooperated, providing clear skies to complement the scenic background of the surrounding vineyards and pastures. Quailhurst horses Tjinja, Ferrogramo, and Shakira all lent themselves to the camera for the shoot and a great shot of Tjinja and Deborah appears on the catalog cover (left).

All the rider/models enjoyed trying out the new Irideon pieces, especially the wind pro 3-season breeches – unbelievably warm for winter riding! Visit Irideon online to see these and many other great items.

Update: We all had so much fun at the fall/winter shot, Irideon will be returning in late August to capture images for the spring/summer 2010 catalog.

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